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A shuriken (Japanese: 手裏剣; literally: "hidden hand blade") is a Japanese concealed weapon that was used as a hidden dagger or metsubushi to distract or misdirect. They are also known as throwing stars, or ninja stars, although they were originally designed in many different shapes.
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Shuriken (手裏剣, Shuriken), like kunai, are one of the more basic weapons seen in the Naruto series. They are sharpened, four-pronged metal stars, useful for throwing. They can also be used for close combat, but not very efficiently.
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Shuriken. Значение: Лезвие, скрытое в руке.
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A shuriken is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing or slashing. They are sharpened hand-held blades made from a variety of everyday items, such as needles, nails, and knives, as well as coins, washers, and other flat plates of metal.
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2015 - SS 39 - Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Автор: Lyta Phim.
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From Japanese 手裏剣 (しゅりけん shuriken), from Middle Chinese 手 (ʃúw "hand") + 裏 (lí "inside") + 劍 (kjæ̀m "sword"). enPR: sho͞or'ĭk-ən, IPA(key): /ˈʃuː.ɹɨ.kən/, enPR: sho͝or'ĭk-ən, IPA(key): /ˈʃʊə.ɹɨ.kən/. (US, Canada, also) enPR: shûr'ĭk-ən, IPA(key): /ˈʃɝ.ɨ.kən/.
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Shuriken Weaponry are weapons almost unique to the Eldar, as this technology is extremely advanced and very difficult to replicate. The Eldar make widespread use of shuriken weaponry, which ranges in size from personal sidearms to massive tank-mounted cannons...
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Shuriken literally translates to "sword hidden in user's hand," and is a traditional From hira shuriken to shaken and kurumaken ninja star sets and everything in between, All Ninja Gear will make sure you...
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Shuriken is an XML-based tool for Linux system administrators to set up spans of time when the system should be up. Using the RTC daily alarm (requires BIOS, hardware, Linux support)...
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The Fuuma Shuriken trope as used in popular culture. A shuriken (throwing star) which is really, really big. Fuuma literally translates as "wind demon" and …
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