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Slackware 14.2 is released! After a long development cycle (including many betas and release candidates to get everything just exactly perfect) we're pleased to announce the availability of the new...
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Slackware is a Linux distribution created by Patrick Volkerding in 1993. Originally based on Softlanding Linux System, Slackware has been the basis for many other Linux distributions...
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Установка Slackware 2020 ,обзор и установка программ в Slackware. 🚩В ЭТОМ РОЛИКЕ Я ПОКАЖУ КАК УСТАНОВИТЬ Slackware И КАК УСТАНАВЛИВАТЬ ПРОГРАММЫ И УТИЛИТЫ В...
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This service is primarily intended to provide a mirror service for Slackware Linux based projects. If you run a Slackware based project, or have a suggestion for a project which may benefit from being... Slackware Linux
Официальный релиз Slackware Linux от Патрика Фолькердинга (Patrick Volkerding) - это Development Release: Slackware Linux 14.2 Beta 1 • 2013-11-07: Distribution Release: Slackware...
Slackware - Official Patreon Page (self.slackware). submitted 1 year ago by perkited - announcement. Anyone else having issues installing Slackware -current recently? (self.slackware).
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Slackware Official and Third-Party Repositories. Slackware Current. Alien Bob Third-Party.
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Slackware is the oldest active Linux distribution, having begun life as a much improved variant of SLS (Soft Landing System) in 1993 and was perhaps the first distro to really put itself on the map. After that, Red Hat and Debian and other distributions followed.
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Free. Size: 4.2 GB. Linux. Slackware is an advanced and powerful Linux distribution that will offer you simplicity, flexibility and stability, retaining a sense of tradition at the same time.
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Slackware Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution known for its age and stability. Slackware was created by Patrick Volkerding in 1993 out of patches and bugfixes he had to make for SLS in order to install it in his university's computer lab.
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The Official Release of Slackware Linux by Patrick Volkerding is an advanced Linux operating system, designed with the twin goals... See more of Slackware on Facebook.
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Install Slackware Linux. As the Slackware installer loads up, a welcome message will appear. Read the welcome message, then, press Enter on your keyboard to load the default Linux kernel.
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Linux. Category: Linux Distributions. The original Slackware Linux distribution, a complete multitasking UNIX-like system.
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Slackware Free Download Latest version ISO Image. Its full Slackware Linux Bootable DVD Image ready to burn In the year 1993, Patrick Volkerding came up with Slackware, a very effective open...
Slackware installation FAQs Web Support For Slackware Slackware is the oldest and one of the most widely-used Linux distributions.
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Slackware was created by Patrick Volkerding of Slackware Linux, Inc. in 1993. One of the most common statements about Slackware is that, it is difficult to maintain, and not user friendly.