Slax is a modern, portable, small and fast Linux operating system.
Slax is now based on Debian, which gives you the ability to benefit from its entire ecosystem. Tens of thousands of prebuilt packages with applications, all within reach thanks to apt command.
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Обзор SLAX 7.0.8 глазами нуба Написать Автору#linux #unix.
SLAX 7.0: The Comeback
SLAX SLAX 6 was (practically) the first Linux operating system I tried. SLAX 7.0: The Comeback. It was the operating system I was waiting for a long time, simply because I felt nostalgic about it.
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Slax 7 Modules. Item Preview. Identifier. slax7modules. Scanner. Internet Archive Python library 0.9.8. Slax
Slax is a minimalist desktop live CD based on Debian's "stable" branch. It boots into a simple desktop using the Fluxbox window manager which offers a small collection of applications, including the...
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Slax is a LiveCD Linux distribution developed by Tomáš Matějíček and based on Debian. Packages can be added by apt package manager or can be prepared as modules. The tagline for Slax refers to itself as "your pocket operating system".
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Slax is a live linux distribution based on Slackware (up to version 7.0.8). The new Slax 9 has been released in December 2017. Slax 9 is based on debian and it uses fluxbox instead of KDE.