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Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body, characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, reduced muscle activity and inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles during...
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Перевод слова sleep, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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Спряжение sleep [sli:p]Глагол.
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Sleep Challenge Compilation #sleepchallenge #sleep. Abide Bible Sleep Talk Down I WILL BE WITH YOU with Calming Relaxing Peaceful Music to Beat Insomnia.
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sleep. Something underestimated until you don't get enough of it. You have been awake for 18 hours and are now viewing this useless definition of sleep.
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Define sleep. sleep synonyms, sleep pronunciation, sleep translation, English dictionary definition of sleep. n. 1. a. A natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body, in which the eyes usually close...
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Sleep deprivation attested from 1906. Sleep-walker "somnambulist" is attested from 1747; sleep-walking is from 1840. To be able to do something in (one's) sleep "easily" is recorded from 1953.
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Sleep is a physiological behavior that is common in all animal species. It forms around one third of a human life. It is not known clearly the exact functions of sleep but it seems to be essential for survival...
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sleep meaning, definition, what is sleep: to rest your mind and body, usually at n...: Learn more.
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While sleep duration is undoubtedly important, it's not the only part of the equation. It's also critical to think Sleep cycles can vary from person to person and from night to night based on a wide range of...
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Sleep definition is - the natural, easily reversible periodic state of many living things that is marked by the absence of wakefulness and by the loss of consciousness of How to use sleep in a sentence.
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Sleep songs "Dragonaut" and "Some Grass" are featured in the official soundtrack of the movie Gummo and can also be heard during the ...
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Sleep researchers are focusing more attention on the science behind sex and a good night's rest. Feb 14, 2021 Sleep Habits and Health Sleep Cycle.
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Read about sleep disturbance including sleep apnea and sleep paralysis. Get strategies for how to fall asleep fast. Sleep Disorders (How to Get a Good Night's Sleep).