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"Snooping" can refer to: Bus sniffing, also known as bus snooping. IGMP snooping. DHCP snooping. and in general listening in to any kind of communication protocol (such as ARP, TCP and so on). Data-snooping bias, a concept in statistics. Snoop (disambiguation). Snoopy (disambiguation).
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How to configure IGMP Snooping for IPTV network using L2 switch?
IGMP snooping on L2 switch for Multicast network in the Access Layer. Note: The gateway router must support IGMP proxy/query function or IGMP snooping on L2 switch will not work as expected.
DHCP Snooping - YouTube
Quick description of how DHCP works, what DHCP Snooping is and an example of how to configure it on a Cisco switch.
Understanding MLD Snooping - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks
Benefits of MLD Snooping, How MLD Snooping Works, MLD Message Types, How Hosts Join and Leave Multicast Groups, Support for MLDv2 Multicast Sources, MLD Snooping and Forwarding...
Catalyst 6500 Release 12.2SX Software Configuration Guide... - Cisco
PIM Snooping Configuration Guidelines and Restrictions. This chapter describes how to configure protocol independent multicast (PIM) snooping in Cisco IOS Release 12.2SX.
IGMP Snooping
IGMP snooping allows us to constrain our multicast traffic. As the name implies, this is done by listening to IGMP traffic between the router and hosts IGMP snooping without L3 aware ASICs.
snooping - это... Что такое snooping?
Snooping — El snooping tiene como objetivo obtener información de una red a la que están conectados sin modificarla, similar al sniffing (packet sniffer). Además de interceptar el tráfico de red...
IGMP snooping: forwarding multicast packets - IONOS
IGMP snooping: eavesdropping for multicast traffic. Multicast connections are an easy way to send data packets in IP networks to various receiving devices without having to address and supply each of...
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snooping. 1. The act of looking around in a hurried and urgent manner. The mother went snooping around her daughters room in search of her diary , when she came upon it in a secret drawer .
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snooping definition: 1. present participle of snoop 2. to look around a place secretly, in order to discover things or…. Add snooping to one of your lists below, or create a new one.
Enable IGMP Snooping On or Off | Router Guide
IGMP Snooping is a common advanced option available on most of the routers. In this Layman's IGMP Snooping guide, we will go over what IGMP Snooping does, and when you might need to enable...