Web Audio API - Web APIs | MDN
The Web Audio API provides a powerful and versatile system for controlling audio on the Web, allowing developers to choose audio sources, add effects to audio, create audio visualizations, apply spatial...
HTTP API - Guide - SoundCloud Developers | Playing Sounds
Sounds (in the API these are called tracks) are core to SoundCloud. Our API gives you the ability to upload, manage and share sounds on the web. Your app can take an audio file and upload it to a...
Java Sound API
The Java Sound API specification provides low-level support for audio operations such as audio Included in Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). The Java Sound API is part of J2SE version...
GitHub - audiojs/web-audio-api: Node.js implementation of Web audio...
By default, web-audio-api doesn't play back the sound it generates. In fact, an AudioContext has no default output, and you need to give it a writable node stream to which it can write raw PCM audio.
Web Audio API
This API is designed to be used in conjunction with other APIs and elements on the web platform, notably: XMLHttpRequest (using the responseType and response attributes).
C/C++ Sound OS API - Stack Overflow
I mean, surely there has to be a default api (one for windows, another for Linux) that these libraries use. I don't suppose they use directly each sound card's drivers, so the OS has to somehow do the magic.
Top 8 Best Free Music APIs (for Developers in 2021) [38+ Reviewed]
Use these Free Music APIs to pull song lyrics, search playlists, get metadata and more. Top 8 Free Music Data APIs (Updated for 2021). Last Updated on January 8, 2021 by Lindsey 10 Comments.
Freesound API documentation — Freesound API documentation
With the Freesound API, you can also upload, comment, rate and bookmark sounds! The previous version of the API, Freesound APIv1, has reached its end of life and is no longer available.
The Web Audio API: Adding Sound to Your Web App
The Web Audio API is a powerful, high-performance way of manipulating sound in the browser. Before continuing this tutorial, you might want to check out the previous tutorial in this series where I covered...
Top 10 Music APIs: Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes and more | Medium
Some music platforms expose their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow developers to integrate the music services into their applications. These APIs enable you to programmatically…
API reference (sound) | Defold game engine
Examples Tutorials Manuals API Reference FAQ. get mixer group name string. sound.is_phone_call_active().
How Does the Java Sound API Relate to Other Interfaces?
The Java Sound API does not include sophisticated sound editors or graphical tools, but it provides capabilities upon which such programs can be built. It emphasizes low-level control beyond that...
Play a Sound with Web Audio API | Website Design, Marquette MI
...API is a tutorial that explains some common methods of triggering and toggling buffered sounds You should understand the basics of the Web Audio API as well as how to buffer sounds before...
Web Audio API | Load a sound to get a buffer
So how to play sound on the web ? Alternatives for Sound. old ways: plugins. Web Audio API. some spec in progress. Aimed at games. based on openAL.
Java Tutorials: Episode 21 - Java Sound API - Clips - YouTube
Twenty-first episode of my Java Tutorial Series! Today we test the waters of the Java Sound API, getting into Clips and what they're all about.
Web Audio API: Add Bandwidth-Friendly Sound to Your... - SitePoint
James Wright introduces you to the Web Audio API and demonstrates how to add notification sounds to a user interface in an bandwidth-friendly manner.
what is the API sound? - Gearslutz
To me the API sound is a more agressive sound. I hear a slight exciting of the dynamics of a sound when I use them. I am sure they don't really exaserbate the dynamics but, that is the best way I can...
Sound API
The Sound API provides functions to control the volume level for several sound types and to check whether a There is a tizen.sound object that allows accessing the functionality of the Sound API.
SoundJS v1.0.0 API Documentation : Sound
The Sound class is the public API for creating sounds, controlling the overall sound levels, and managing plugins. All Sound APIs on this class are static.
How to capture and record sound using Java Sound API
A small example program is provided to illustrate how to record sound for a specified duration. The package javax.sound.sampled.* is a part of Java Sound API which contains interfaces and classes...
Core Audio APIs - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs
This documentation provides information about core audio application programming interfaces (APIs) for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It provides guidelines for software...
A Guide Through The Linux Sound API Jungle
libcanberra is an abstract event sound API. In addition to an easy interface for playing sound files, libcanberra provides caching (which is very useful for networked thin clients) and allows passing of...
Learning Web Audio API - sounDesign
The Web Audio API is a high-level Javascript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications. It stands for Application Programming Inferface and it is a set of routines, protocols...
API Sound - Flowcode Help
Jump to navigationJump to search. <sidebar>API Contents</sidebar> Audio streaming interface. No additional examples. No additional information.
synthesizer subsystem - SUBSYNTH (cross platform open source...)
api features overview. OSS - 4Front - works under 13 UNIXs (unices) - provides low level interface to audio and MIDI read/write, and mixer control - no high level sound interface - data must be fed to...