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A speckle is a small spot or speck on the skin, plumage or foliage. Speckle, speckles or speckled may also refer to: Daniel Speckle (AKA Daniel Specklin, 1536-1589), Alsatian fortress architect, engineer, and cartographer. Dynamic speckle. Speckle imaging. Speckle masking. Speckle noise.
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speckle [ˈspekl]Существительное. speckle / speckles.
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speckle definition: 1. a very small mark of a different colour from the area around it, usually found with a large…. Meaning of speckle in English.
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Speckle definition is - a little speck (as of color). Noun a ripe banana with lots of brown speckles the cat has a speckle of orange right at her whiskers Verb speckled the cookies with colored sugar.
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Speckle How To #2: Sending and Receiving. Speckle How To #1: Register and Download. 89 просмотров 7 месяцев назад.
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The noun is from Middle Dutch spekkel; the verb was later coined from the noun, in the late 16th century. IPA(key): /ˈspɛkəl/. speckle (countable and uncountable, plural speckles). A small spot or speck on the skin, plumage or foliage. (physics)...
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Define speckle. speckle synonyms, speckle pronunciation, speckle translation, English dictionary definition of speckle. n. A speck or small spot, as a natural dot of color on skin, plumage, or foliage...
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Speckle definition: a small or slight mark usually of a contrasting colour, as on the skin, a bird's plumage... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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speckle-unreal. Forked from mobiusnode/SpeckleUnreal. UE4 plugin for importing objects from Speckle v2.
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Speckle pattern. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Speckle pattern. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Many translated example sentences containing "speckle" - Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian translations.
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speckle - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Online Language Dictionaries. English Dictionary | speckle.
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speckle. special (whoever says this has gotta be rather secure with themselves...) Speckle. A very idiotic and 'special' person who has the intelligence of a potato.
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Related words: speckle. speckle trout, mint speckle, kd mint speckle, roshe run speckle, laser speckle, nike roshe speckle, speckle tracking, speckle paint, speckle imaging, speckle pattern.
Speckle definition, a small speck, spot, or mark, as on skin. See more.
A speckle-breasted thrush perched on a corner of the grey wall and poured his heart out. In the systems published by Speckle of Strassburg in 1589 we find a distinct advance.
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speckle — ● speckle nom féminin (anglais speckle, tacheture) Synonyme de granularité. ● English World dictionary. Speckle — Als Specklemuster, Lichtgranulation oder kurz Speckle werden die...
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Speckle does stuff with Grasshopper and the Internet (usually). Speckle has quite a rich, albeit Speckle The Thirds does the same as Speckle The Second (see above), but better and is wrapped in...
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speckle (v.) mid-15c. (implied in speckled), probably related to Old English specca "small spot, speck" (see speck) or from a related Middle Dutch or Middle High German word.