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SphinxQL Query Builder generates SphinxQL, a SQL dialect, which is used to query the Sphinx search engine. Query Builder for SphinxQL.
sphinx - SphinxQL MATCH - how to use? - Stack Overflow
Explain to me please, what's the MATCH() operator in SphinxQL - how to use it? Sorry if my question is stupid for somebody, but I really couldn't find any normal explanation in the Web of this.
Sphinx (search engine) - Wikipedia
Sphinx is a fulltext FLOSS search engine that provides text search functionality to client applications. Sphinx can be used either as a stand-alone server or as a storage engine ("SphinxSE"...
SphinxQL query builder for Node.JS. Supports Sphinx search(2.x and...)
It is heavily inspired in the PHP SphinxQL-Query-Builder and also the Eloquent query builder (Laravel framework ORM). The client used for create connection is mysql2 that is focused in performance.
SphinxQL Query Builder for PHP by FoolCode
This is a SphinxQL Query Builder used to work with SphinxQL, a SQL dialect used with the Sphinx It maps most of the functions listed in the SphinxQL reference and is generally faster than the...
SphinxQL reference — Manticore Search latest documentation
SphinxQL reference¶. SphinxQL is our SQL dialect that exposes all of the search daemon functionality using a standard SQL syntax with a few Manticore-specific extensions.
Usage — Sphinxit 0.3.2 documentation | SphinxQL
Internally translates into valid SphinxQL query: # SphinxQL> SELECT * FROM company. You can use Sphinxit with any Sphinx configuration you already have. Set a list of indexes and pass Sphinxit config...
Extension:SphinxSearch/SphinxQL - MediaWiki
SphinxQL is another way of querying Sphinx (Sphinx API being the other). The SphinxSearch extension is built on the Sphinx API. SphinxQL is useful for running queries from the command-line to...
Handy use SphinxQL Query Builder for PHP | Ri Xu Online
SphinxQL. The Sphinx search daemon supports MySQL binary network protocol and can be Query Builder for SphinxQL Some key features of Sphinx...
Sphinx , SphinxQL and PHP - Excellence Technologies Magento Blog
Starting with SphinxQL. SphinxQL is the part which is liked most about sphinx. What basically sphinx has done is implemented the mysql protocol, so using mysql client we can directly connect with sphinx.