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SQLite is a C-language library that implements a small, fast, self-contained, high-reliability SQLite is built into all mobile phones and most computers and comes bundled inside countless other...
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SQLite, New York, New York. SQLite-New Browser for SQLite database files, open source tool.
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SQLite is a popular relational database technology that is contained in a C programming library. SQLite is a compact library that reads and writes directly to ordinary disk files.
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SQLite - Overview - This chapter helps you understand what is SQLite, how it differs from SQL, why it is needed and the way in which it handles the applications Database.
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What is SQLite? SQLite is an open-source, embedded, relational database management system, designed circa 2000. It is a lightweight database, with zero configuration...
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SQLite-net. Use one of these packages Install sqlite-net-pcl from NuGet. Important: You will need to add the NuGet package to both your .NET Standard library project and your platform-dependent app...
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SQLite EF Core Database Provider. 10/27/2016. 2 minutes to read. +1. In this article. This database provider allows Entity Framework Core to be used with SQLite. The provider is maintained as part of...
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SQLite Browser is a online SQL interpreter for SQLite database. Open and execute queries from a SQLite file. Neither download nor installation.
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Download Sqlite database Browser and explore Sqlite database components. Free Sqlite DB file browser allows to manage Sqlite Data with spontaneous user interface.
SQLiteStudio is a SQLite database manager with the following features Intuitive interface, Powerful, yet light and fast, All SQLite3 and SQLite2 features wrapped within simple GUI