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Stack (abstract data type) - Wikipedia
In computer science, a stack is an abstract data type that serves as a collection of elements, with two main principal operations: Push, which adds an element to the collection, and. Pop, which removes the most recently added element that was not yet removed.
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stack [stæk]Существительное. stack / stacks.
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stack - Wiktionary
From Middle English stack, stacke, stakke, stak, from Old Norse stakkr ("a barn; haystack; heap; pile"), from Proto-Germanic *stakkaz ("a barn; rick; haystack"), from Proto-Indo-European *steg- ("pole; rod; stick; stake").
Stack Class (System.Collections) | Microsoft Docs
type Stack = class interface ICollection interface IEnumerable interface ICloneable. The following example shows how to create and add values to a Stack and how to display its values.
Stack Data Structure - GeeksforGeeks
Stack is a linear data structure which follows a particular order in which the operations are There are many real-life examples of a stack. Consider an example of plates stacked over one another in the...
Stack definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Stack definition: A stack of things is a pile of them. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and 1. countable noun. A stack of things is a pile of them. There were stacks of books on the bedside table...
Stack Data Structure and Implementation in Python, Java and C/C++
A stack is a useful data structure in programming. It is just like a pile of plates kept on top of each In this tutorial, you will understand the working of Stack and it's implementations in Python, Java, C, and...
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stack - C++ Reference
Stacks are a type of container adaptor, specifically designed to operate in a LIFO context (last-in first-out), where elements are inserted and extracted only from one end of the container.
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