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Перевод слова steward, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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Steward may refer to: Steward (office), a representative of a monarch. Horse show steward. Steward, an official in horse or car racing. Steward, another term for majordomo. Steward, an older term for a male flight attendant.
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steward [stjuəd]Существительное. steward / stewards.
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noun steward (plural stewards, feminine stewardess). verb steward (third-person singular simple present stewards, present participle stewarding, simple past and past participle stewarded).
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From Middle English steward, from Old English stīweard, stīġweard ("steward, housekeeper, one who has the superintendence of household affairs, guardian"), from stīġ ("house, hall") + weard ("ward, guard, guardian, keeper"), equivalent to sty +‎ ward. Compare Icelandic stívarður ("steward").
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Steward definition is - one employed in a large household or estate to manage domestic concerns (such as the supervision of servants, collection of rents, and keeping of accounts).
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Steward definition: A steward is someone who works on a ship, plane , or train, looking after passengers and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Define steward. steward synonyms, steward pronunciation, steward translation, English dictionary definition of steward. n. 1. One who manages another's property, finances, or other affairs.
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steward (n.) Old English stiward, stigweard "house guardian, housekeeper," from stig "hall, pen for cattle, part of a house" (see sty (n.1)) + weard "guard" (from Proto-Germanic *wardaz "guard," from...
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Steward definition, a person who manages another's property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others. See more.
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Flight Steward Interview Questions and Answers : Cabin Crew Interview. Muhamad Choirul Anam #Steward Supervisor #VirginVoyages.
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Stewards are owl-like beings native to Bastion in the Shadowlands. Born of the magic of Death, they serve as groundskeepers and artificers who keep Bastion pristine, assemble anima-fueled automatons known as Centurions, fix anything broken, and offer companionship and support to the kyrian.
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Stewards or Stewardesses oversee the actions of nobles and are often advisors to rulers of specific regions. In Cyrodiil, the Counts and Countesses of each city employ a steward, they are the Counts' primary advisors and are also hired to oversee shipments, handle public relations...
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