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Tails uses the Tor network to protect your privacy online and help you avoid censorship. Shut down the computer and start on your Tails USB stick instead of starting on Windows, macOS, or Linux.
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Download and install Tails. Thank you for your interest in Tails. Installing Tails can be quite long but we hope you will still have a good time :) We will first ask you a few questions to choose your installation...
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Tails, or The Amnesic Incognito Live System, is a security-focused Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity.
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Последние твиты от Tails (@Tails_live). Tails is a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship.
The Amnesic Incognito Live System
Tails is a live operating system aimed at protecting your privacy and anonymity that you can start on almost any computer from a USB stick or a DVD.
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Tails system cloning is a very good and important tool. This distribution does *exactly* what it says on the label :-) Tails works for both less technically inclined people, as well as for experts.
GitHub - thedevdojo/tails: Tails is a (no-config) copy'n paste library of...
Tails will become a page builder. Thus we will be closing all PRs and any updates to existing components and templates. We hope you stick around for the exciting new chapter of Tails.
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Download Tails - Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity on any computer.
Tails OS - An Actionable Guide for Regular Folks
Tails is a unique computer operating system. Tails is a live system (live operating system) that runs from a USB stick or DVD. It lets you connect to the Internet using virtually any computer while leaving...
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Linux. Category: Linux Distributions. An open source live Linux operating system focused on Internet privacy and anonymity.