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Tarantool can be used in OLTP scenarios instead of relational databases, and such a Tarantool is tolerant to write-heavy load. Also, you will be able to keep full-featured applications next to the data...
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Tarantool is ideal for data-enriched components of scalable Web architecture: queue servers, caches, stateful Web applications. To download and install Tarantool as a binary package for your OS, please...
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Tarantool is an open-source NoSQL database management system and Lua application server. It maintains databases in memory and ensures crash resistance with write-ahead logging. It includes a Lua interpreter and interactive console but also accepts connections from programs in several other...
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Tarantool 2.6 brings synchronous replication with Raft-based automated failover mechanism. True MVCC with the transactional manager allows yielding in transactions and guarantees data consistency.
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Доклад Константина Осипова на Tarantool Meetup. Tarantool в Badoo: хранение истории посещений. Доклад Антона Поварова на Tarantool Meetup.
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Tarantool. Open database management system with non-blocking Lua application server. The database has a high performance compared to traditional DBMS, having the same properties...
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The latest Tweets from Tarantool Database (@TarantoolDB). Follow us as we improve performance and simplify development with powerful #NoSQL #NewSQL #IIoT #ACIDTransactions #Innovation.
Tarantool. my.com. Tarantool is an open-source NoSQL database management system and Lua application server.
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Группа пользователей СУБД Tarantool. Сайт: tarantool.io GitHub: github.com/tarantool/tarantool Twitter: twitter.com/tarantooldb Facebook: fb.me/tarantoolDatabase.
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Tarantool is a Lua application server with a built-in database. It's best to think of as a Redis or Memcached with high level of customization. Alternatively, it's Node.JS with object persistency and...
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Tarantool has integrated a Turing-complete high-level programming language called Lua. We recommend running a little bit fewer Tarantool daemons than the number of physical cores you have.