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Fact: While WD-40® Multi-Use Product it is not a grease, it is formulated with strong lubricating oils and other ingredients, and is a terrific product to use for WD-40 Company has taken steps to respect and conserve the environment, and encourages its users to do the same. While WD-40® can be used to...
Hank Hill proves WD40 is the answer to all problems. - YouTube
Doing This With WD-40 Will Save You Thousands in Car Repairs.
Will WD-40 Damage Your Car Paint? | AvalonKing.com
People use WD-40 or other generic penetrating fluids for multiple reasons. But is it safe to use on your car's paint job? Are there risks to applying it to a Unfortunately, the official recipe is a highly-guarded secret on par with Coke or KFC's "11" herbs and spices. However, thanks to Material Data Safety...
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WD-40 is an American brand and the trademark name of a water-displacing spray manufactured by the WD-40 Company based in San Diego, California. Different sources credit different men with inventing WD-40 formula in 1953 as part of the Rocket Chemical Company (later renamed to WD-40 Company)...
YSK WD-40 is a solvent, not a lubricant. Mistaking it as a lubricant will...
I didn't know that WD-40 and oil were different until last week and I'm in my 30s. Yes, WD-40 is still great to use on a lot of things. EDIT 2: And the pun was completely unintentional! Thanks for all of the clarifying comments. I'm not a DIY wiz...just from what my dad taught me.
WD-40 Oil Alternatives - The Case Against WD-40
WD-40 Versus the World of Lubricants. Conventional wisdom credits WD-40 with thousands of uses as a penetrating oil and lubricant. But is that really the case? We put the red-capped classic to the test in five common tasks to see how it held up against other lubes—and now think twice about our WD-40...