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Перевод контекст "there was a" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: there was a need, there was a lack of, there was also a need, there was a time, there was a clear.
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There was / There were - правило. The time now is 11:15. There was a train at 11 o'clock. Поезд ушел в 11 часов.
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There was a balcony in the room.В номере был балкон. There were two bars in the hotel. There was a swimming pool in the garden.
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There were several stormtroopers in the hangar. In both cases, stormtroopers is the subject of the verb. Let's make the sentence concrete, like "there [was/were] a number of books on the table."
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There was / There were. The verb "be" is often used in the past tense with the word "there". There weren't any people in the hotel room. It was empty. A: Was there a lot of food at the party?