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A tag question is a statement + mini-question. We use tag questions to ask for confirmation. About JOIN Forums Grammar Vocab Pronunciation Listen Speak Read Write Guest 7 Secrets eQuiz.Me More... Tag Questions. You speak English, don't you?
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Question tags are more common in speaking than writing. We often use question tags when we expect the listener to agree with our statement. I can tell you that you need a subject question for the first one, and an object question for the second. You can read about how these are formed on this page
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Hey, why are you still reading? That isn't very nice. I've asked you once politely. Don't make me ask you twice. There's only one solution. Here's what you'll have to do: Tell all your friends and family they shouldn't read it too. — Kenn Nesbitt. Copyright © 2012.
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They don't like us, do they? You haven't eaten yet, have you? Notice the meaning of yes and no in answer to a negative sentence 52.2. Read the situation and write a sentence with a question tag. In each situation you are asking your friend to agree with you.
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6. Don't take all the money, will you? (повелительное наклонение). 7. You haven't heard from him for a long time, have you? 8. She knows you, doesn't she? 9. I am very old, aren't I? 10. Sam will be back early today, won't he? 11. That is my dog, isn't it? 12. Pupils have read a lot of books, haven't they?
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They have got two children, do they? The boys don't have classes today, do they? I am to blame, aren't I? We like to swim in the swimming-pool Year 4 (47) Grammar (125) Grammar Exercises (44) Tests (57) Year 4 (1) Reading & Speaking (825) Country Studies (139) Countries of the World (24)...
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So I can move freely when time is frozen? Or am I stuck there reading? Cuz if it's the former what's the problem? If the latter I can learn a lot of skills easily. Or freeze time by touching clifford and having a nap. I cant see a down side either way.
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1. They live in San Francisco, don't they? 2. He didn't buy the chairs, did he? 3. We're late, aren't we? 4. He doesn't know how to swim, does he? TAG QUESTIONS/Preser Positives and Negatives Find and correct the mistakes in the tag questions below. don't 1. They live in San Francisco, aren't they...
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A tag question is an utterance consisting of a declarative or an imperative clause followed by an interrogative fragment. For instance, the English tag question "You're John...
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Question tags - Exercise 1. Task No. 1397. Find the correct questions tags to the sentences on the left. He sometimes reads the newspaper, aren't you? did she? didn't they? doesn't he? doesn't she? hasn't she? is he? isn't he? was she? won't they?
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They have two brothers, but I don't know none/either/no/neither of them. Tap card to see the definition . They are both very good, so none/either/no/neither of them can win the tournament.
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8. Don't close the window, will you? 9. You like modern art, don't you? 10. Oleg came from Murmansk didn't he? 16. Mice like cheese, don't they? 17. He'd never been there before, had he?
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1. They don't expect you to finish all that work today. (expected) You. all that work today. 2. They are building a new cinema in Cannon Street 3. That's the school we used to go to when we were young. 4. It was such a hot weather that they went to the seaside. 5. Bill was the only one who...
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