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Sphinx plugin for ActiveRecord/Rails. Contribute to pat/thinking-sphinx development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Thinking Sphinx allows you to link up your models into Sphinx simply and painlessly -- because let's face it, searching across multiple fields using SQL is a pain in the neck.
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Sphinx plugin for ActiveRecord/Rails. Contribute to pat/thinking-sphinx development by creating an account on GitHub.
Ruby on Rails - Railscasts PRO #120 Thinking Sphinx (revised)
Sphinx is a full-text search engine for use with MySQL or PostgreSQL. Learn how to add Thinking Sphinx by defining an index on your model and searching with...
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For thinking sphinx v3, you can suspend the deltas this way (the old way is deprecated): ThinkingSphinx::Deltas.suspend(:index_reference) do # Do something end So if I have a model called...
App Search with Thinking Sphinx 3.0 - SitePoint
Thinking Sphinx is now a very standard library for interfacing with Sphinx and has come a long way in Thinking Sphinx has two main configuration files. In the earlier versions, the first file was named...
Decrypting Thinking Sphinx - Padawan coder
My key takeaway from installing the Thinking Sphinx gem for a project, is that Thinking Sphinx is But Thinking Sphinx was pernickety enough to require the exact version '0.3.12b5' of 'mysql2' (yes...
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thinking-sphinx 4.4.1. An intelligent layer for ActiveRecord (via Rails and Sinatra) for the Sphinx full-text search tool.
Updrift: Deploying a Rails app with Thinking Sphinx
Thinking Sphinx follows convention rather than configuration. Before any index Thinking Sphinx re-creates your configuration file based on the information in your models.
Sphinx and Thinking Sphinx commands | by dv | Medium
For installing Sphinx and setting up Thinking Sphinx for a Ruby on Rails project, go to this link: http The sphinx commands like 'indexer', 'indextool' look for a config file in /etc/sphinxsearch/sphinx.conf...
Using Thinking Sphinx with rails - [PPT Powerpoint]
Sphinx connects to DB directly, so dont expect that any of the model methods can be indexed. 18. Almost has all thinking_sphinx features withsome additional features: excerpt highlighting.
Flying Sphinx manages a Sphinx service for searching and indexing.
If you are using Ruby and Thinking Sphinx, then it's highly recommended you read through the documentation for that library if Older versions of Thinking Sphinx will not work with Flying Sphinx.
#120 Thinking Sphinx - RailsCasts
I think this is your best Railscast yet! Great job showing simultaneously how simple it is to use Thinking Sphinx and how much power you can leverage by drilling down into it.
Sphinx, Thinking_Sphinx, and Whenever
Sphinx, Thinking_Sphinx, and Whenever. Tuesday, Aug 04, 2009 at 04:41 PM • Solutions • by Ryan Lonac.
Using Thinking Sphinx — Big Dave's Blog
Thinking Sphinx adds the ability to index any one of your models. To setup an index, you simply Thinking Sphinx is pretty good about determining the type of an attribute, but sometimes you need to...
How Install Thinking Sphinx With PostgreSQL's Support on Mac OS...
Thinking Sphinx is a library, which allows you use Sphinx - full text search server. But setup can be tricky, if you use PostgreSQL. In this post I will show you you how setup it.
using thinking sphinx search in rails app
To get started with thinking sphinx you need to install sphinx server first. for To use sphinx search in rails we need to use either thinking sphinx gem or plugin that can be easily find on github.
Full-text search with sphinx and thinking sphinx
Thinking sphinx can interact with a SQL database like MySQL. There is attributes to do that. People often misunderstood difference between indexed fields (used with indexes) and attributes...
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Thinking Sphinx - Search filter not working. I installed Sphinx and Thinking Sphinx on ruby-on-rails 2.3.2 and on Windows 7 pc. First of all, if I run rake ts:start, it won't start at all.
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However thinking-sphinx is unable to handle this situation since model.class is nil. To support this, two changes are necessary to thinking-sphinx. They can be monkey-patched in the the gem as...
Ruby on Rails: Sphinx, thinking-sphinx and PostgreSQL on Mac OS...
rake thinking_sphinx:index rake thinking_sphinx:start. The Sphinx server should now be running in the backround and in your controller, you can now search for Employee names like so
How to Programming with Thinking-sphinx
sphinx,thinking-sphinx. It seems that something like having: "COUNT('technology_id')=#{params ruby-on-rails,ruby,thinking-sphinx. Firstly, you'll want service type ids as a multi-value attribute in...
Thinking Sphinx installation, indexing, deploying on Engine Yard
This took a few days, but it's very simple to do and should take minutes. If you're using Engine Yard Cloud, it's not obvious, but it is trivial.
Working with Thinking_Sphinx
So now that Sphinx and Thinking_Sphinx are installed (right?), we can get on with actually using this stuff. If you missed the post on installing Thinking_Sphinx, you can read it here.