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thought [θɔ:t]Существительное. thought / thoughts.
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Thought (or thinking) encompasses an "aim-oriented flow of ideas and associations that can lead to a reality-oriented conclusion". Although thinking is an activity of an existential value for humans, there is still no consensus as to how it is adequately defined or understood.
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From Middle English thought, ithoȝt, from Old English þōht, ġeþōht, from Proto-Germanic *þanhtaz, *gaþanhtą ("thought"), from Proto-Indo-European *teng- ("to think"). Cognate with Scots thocht ("thought"), Saterland Frisian Toacht ("thought"), West Frisian dacht ("attention, regard, thought"...
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Thoughts synonyms, Thoughts pronunciation, Thoughts translation, English dictionary definition of Thoughts. pl n opinions or ideasthe things that someone thinks aboutto be thinking of another person...
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Definition of thought (Entry 2 of 2). Examples of thought in a Sentence. Noun He could easily have held the audience for a one-hour answer that ranged from his thoughts on jazz to his soap-opera...
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Thought definition, the product of mental activity; that which one thinks: a body of thought. All her thought went into her work. a consideration or reflection: Thought of death terrified her.
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thought. Something that might get you into trouble if uttered aloud . Humans are superior lifeforms because they are capable of intelligent thought. If so, why is there so much violence and hate in the...
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thought meaning, definition, what is thought: the past tense and past participle of th...: Learn more.
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Thought, covert symbolic responses to stimuli that are either intrinsic (arising from within) or extrinsic (arising from the environment). Thought, or thinking, is considered to mediate between inner activity...
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"Thoughts can be our worst friends," says Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, "and our worst enemies." Everyone has had a moment when their mind has a mind of its own, but taking control of your...
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