Вставить пропуски 1) Fifty years ago there was a .... here.
Вставить пропуски 1) Fifty years ago there was a .... here. 1) Fifty years ago there was a forest here. Then all the trees were cut and many plants and factories were built. — Пятьдесят лет назад здесь был лес.
Вставить пропуски 1) Fifty years ago there was a .... here.
trained chef for several years and I am also a restaurant and food critic. I had to spend several days re-training the chef 3 _. The last restaurant I visited was in a stunning position by the sea, and there wasn't a dish of fresh fish on the menu!
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Mr. Habré was ousted in a 1990 coup, but he still had many supporters in Chad. With the help of Human Rights Watch, Mr. Guengueng successfully applied They could not keep up with the $2,000 a month rent and were evicted. Three and a half years ago, Mr. Guengueng's family had to move into a...
Вставить пропуски 1) Fifty years ago there was a ... here.
19th century ... little boy was. вставить слова в предложения (always, ago, yet. for, since) 1) have you read this book ... ?
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Choose from the box and write sentences with [There was...or There were...] [an armchair/a carpet/some flowers/a sofa/some books/a clock/three 38.3 Write [there + is/are/was/were/has been/have been/will be.] 8. Then years ago _ 500 children at the school.
Many years ago, there was a King who spent all his time and money on dressing up. He loved riding round in his _ garments so that everybody could see him.
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It happened many years ago. I was in India. I was hunting there. Once I spent the whole day in the jungle. It had got completely dark when I decided I was walking along a narrow path. Strange sounds were heard everywhere. On my right there was a river and on my left there was a thick tropical forest.
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Сейчас над Темзой есть более 20 мостов. The Romans built London many, many years ago. They built London on the River Thames. The name of the Town was Londinium. Soon the Romans built a bridge over the Thames. Londinium got bigger and bigger.
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Linda and Frank got married 20 years ago. Dan arrived for ten minutes. We had lunch for an hour. Silvia has been learning English for six months. She has been there for three days. Jack is here. He arrived here on Tuesday.
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Years ago, there was a very rich man whose main interest in life was art collecting. He was a widower and he had an only child, a son, who from an early age shared his 3) he was an experienced stamp collector. 4) he had priceless works by old masters. 7.The art collector was proud of his son because.
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A few years ago I was on a camping holiday in Bristol. There _BE_ lots of other girls from around the UK, but I was the only one from Scotland. The camp _LOCATE_ in the woods, not far from the river. The camp life was even...
I stayed at the hotel about three years ago...
over a year ago Problem with this question? Hi, not that I am aware off. The hotel was full this weekend due to a Spainish holiday, this is our 6th visit in 3 years and have not come across two sittings.
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Many, many years ago there was a king in a far country. He was famous, he was strong and he was very clever. But in his country he had many Sometimes, he opened the right blue door and the beautiful lady came out. Then there was singing and dancing. Everyone threw flowers down to the...
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She _ a student three years ago. My sister (be) in California last summer. There (be) one kitten in the bushes an hour ago. They (be) in the village last week.
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It has been there since four years ago. The reason is that 'four years' is a period of time whereas 'four years ago' is a point in time. "We haven't really seen much of her since three years ago." But there is an important difference between the two formulae: the since x years ago formula throws the...
perfect constructions - Is "I have been to Italy two years ago for..."
I have been to Rome in Italy for 2 months two years ago." (I came back my home country.) I heard the fact from someone "that have been is not used with specific time or period." There is an error in one of the replies above. To the question, were you in Italy two years ago, the answer would be, Yes, I was.
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three years. 4. I left college three years. _ ago at for in last on when I don't know. . 5. I found a flat on my own.
The King's New Dress ExpenseMany years ago, there was a King...
ExpenseMany years ago, there was a King who spent all his time and money on dressing up. He loved riding round in his _ garments so that everybody could see him. Показать ответ.