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...ed.), Volume 5, p. 759 Archived January 1, 2016, at the Wayback Machine; excerpt, "The Mikado, on assuming the exercise of power at Yedo, changed the name of the city to Tokio".
Токио — город технологий, необычных увлечений и странных людей
Токио - столица Японии
Токио Япония — вид на город. Токио - огромный мегаполис и столица Японии, занимающая побережье в Токийском заливе Тихого океана, на юго-восточной части острова Хонсю.
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One of the three great festivals of Tokyo and Japan.
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GO TOKYO, The Official Website. Find out what to do and eat, where to go and stay and more at GO TOKYO. Explore hidden gems even many locals don't know. Dig deeper the charm of Tokyo.
Tokio is an asynchronous runtime for the Rust programming language. It provides the building blocks needed for writing network applications. It gives the flexibility to target a wide range of systems, from...
GitHub - tokio-rs/tokio: A runtime for writing reliable asynchronous...
Fast: Tokio's zero-cost abstractions give you bare-metal performance. Reliable: Tokio leverages Rust's ownership, type system, and concurrency model to reduce bugs and ensure thread safety.
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The official website of the University of Tokyo. Features a general introduction to the University, its research and international activities, admissions and other information.
Denver Japanese Ramen and Sushi NO.1 @ TOKIO til Midnight.
TOKIO only brings the most unique dishes to you. We not only provide you with the well-known sushi, but also with the beautiful plates that the Japanese Culture has to offer. Our chefs choose only the...
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Tokio (Japanese: トキオ Tokio) is a main character who appeared in Pokémon Horizon as Akira's rival. His goal is to take over the world after being left alone in the darkness. Tokio debuts in The Power of Teamwork, though he is formally introduced in Traveling Trainer Tokio...