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Traffic on roads consists of road users including pedestrians, ridden or herded animals, vehicles, streetcars, buses and other conveyances, either singly or together...
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Перевод слова traffic, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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traffic [ˈtræfɪk]Существительное. traffic / traffics.
Платформы TRAFFIC.
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Изучайте релизы Traffic на Discogs. Traffic. Профиль: English rock band whose members came from the West Midlands.
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From Middle French trafique, traffique ("traffic"), from Italian traffico ("traffic") from trafficare ("to carry on trade"). Potentially from Vulgar Latin *trānsfrīcāre ("to rub across"); Klein instead suggests the Italian has ultimate origin in Arabic تَفْرِيق‎ (tafrīq, "distribution, dispersion"...
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Traffic definition is - the vehicles, pedestrians, ships, or planes moving along a route. How to use traffic in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of traffic.
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Traffic definition: Traffic refers to all the vehicles that are moving along the roads in a particular area. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Define traffic. traffic synonyms, traffic pronunciation, traffic translation, English dictionary definition of traffic. n. 1. a. The passage of people or vehicles along routes of transportation. b...
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Traffic Racer. 3,7150K+играют. Каталог. Меню. Traffic Racer. 12+. JulGames.
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Title: Traffic (2000). 7,6/10. underrated film of last year, eventually got the recognition Soderbergh, Roberts +Co deserved, as did this film, a chilling account of drug trafficking in North and Central...
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Traffic definition, the movement of vehicles, ships, persons, etc., in an area, along a street, through an air lane, over a water route, etc.: the heavy traffic on Main Street. See more.
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traffic (n.) c. 1500, "trade, commerce," from French trafique (15c.), from Italian traffico (14c.), from trafficare "carry on trade," of uncertain origin, perhaps from a Vulgar Latin *transfricare "to rub across...
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Драма, триллер, криминал. Режиссер: Стивен Содерберг. В ролях: Майкл Дуглас, Бенисио Дель Торо, Кэтрин Зета-Джонс и др. Верховный Судья Роберт Уэйкфилд получает задание возглавить войну против торговцев наркотиками.
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While traffic is still important - you can't have conversions without traffic - the conversion Web site traffic x conversion = Profitability. The success of a site cannot be simply judged by the amount of...
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Yandex.Traffic: real-time traffic for cities and regions in Russia. Driving and public transport directions that account for traffic, on the web and in the Yandex.Maps mobile app.
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TRAFFIC is a leading non-governmental organisation working globally on trade in wild animals and plants in the context of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.