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Trojan or Trojans may refer to: Of or from the ancient city of Troy. Trojan language, the language of the historical Trojans. Les Troyens ('The Trojans'), an opera by Berlioz, premiered part 1863, part 1890. The Trojan, a 1950s Jamaican sound system led by Duke Reid.
GitHub - trojan-gfw/trojan: An unidentifiable mechanism that helps you... Trojan is not a fixed program or protocol. It's an idea, an idea that imitating the most common service, to an extent that it behaves identically, could help you get across...
Что такое троян ? Чем опасен, как обнаружить и вылечить?
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hu:Trójai program id:Trojan horse it:Trojan ja:トロイの木馬 (コンピュータ) ko:트로이 목마 (컴퓨터) lt:Trojos arklys (programa) lv:Trojas Zirgs (datorvīruss) ms:Kuda Troy (komputer) nl:Trojaans paard...
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Trojans are malicious programs that perform actions that have not been authorised by the user...
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Trojan horse, or Trojan, is a type of malicious code or software that can take control of your computer. Once installed, a Trojan can perform the action it was designed for.
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Loaris Trojan Remover is the fast, simple and yet powerful defender from adware, spyware, trojans and other Internet threats. If your system is now freezing then it is the right time to check it with the...
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Trojan Documentation. Trojan is an unidentifiable mechanism for bypassing GFW. This documentation introduces the trojan protocol, explains its underlying ideas, and provides a guide to it.