Urban Dictionary: Trolling
Trolling - (verb), as it relates to internet, is the deliberate act, (by a Troll - noun or adjective), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to...
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"Trolling" redirects here. For the method of fishing, see Trolling (fishing). For other uses, see Troll (disambiguation). Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment.
Троллинг, аутинг, лайкинг и другие проблемы эпохи... — Wonderzine
Онлайн как источник бесконечного стресса — Wonderzine...
Trolling For Fish - The Gear You Need and How to Use It
Trolling for fish of the open ocean is the very pinnacle of sport-fishing for many saltwater anglers. The fish that inhabit these waters include the pelagic fish of the open ocean, species such as kingfish, tuna...