UEFI/SecureBoot - Ubuntu Wiki | Testing UEFI Secure Boot
Proper, secure use of UEFI Secure Boot requires that each binary loaded at boot is validated against known keys, located in firmware, that denote trusted vendors and sources for the binaries...
Secure boot | Microsoft Docs
Secure boot requirements. Hardware requirement. Details. UEFI Version 2.3.1 Errata C variables. Variables must be set to SecureBoot=1 and SetupMode=0 with a signature database...
How To Disable UEFI Secure Boot On Windows 10/8/7 - YouTube
How To Disable UEFI Secure Boot On Windows 10/8/7Issues addressed in this tutorial:disable uefi and secure bootdisable uefi and secure boot Windows...
Take Control of Your PC with UEFI Secure Boot | Linux Journal
UEFI secure boot allows you to take control over what code can run on your computer. Installing your own keys allows you to prevent malicious people from easily booting their own code on your computer.