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Перевод слова uncertainty, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, примеры использования.
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Uncertainty. The lack of certainty, a state of limited knowledge where it is impossible to exactly describe the existing state, a future outcome, or more than one possible outcome.
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uncertainty Существительное. uncertainty / uncertainties.
Английский тезаурус. uncertainty [ʌn'sɜ:t(ə)ntɪ] сущ. uncertainty: 504 фразы в 74 тематиках.
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Many translated example sentences containing "uncertainty" - Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian translations.
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uncertainty (countable and uncountable, plural uncertainties). (uncountable) Doubt; the condition of being uncertain or without conviction. 1897 December (indicated as 1898), Winston Churchill, chapter IV, in The Celebrity: An Episode, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company; London: Macmillan & Co...
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Uncertainty. Quite the same Wikipedia. Uncertainty refers to epistemic situations involving imperfect or unknown information.
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Uncertainty is a term used in subtly different ways in a number of fields, including philosophy, statistics, economics, finance, insurance, psychology, sociology, engineering, and information science. It applies to predictions of future events, physical measurements already made, or to the unknown.
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Uncertainty definition is - the quality or state of being uncertain : doubt. How to use uncertainty in a sentence. Choose the Right Synonym. Example Sentences. Learn More about uncertainty.
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Define uncertainty. uncertainty synonyms, uncertainty pronunciation, uncertainty translation, English dictionary definition of uncertainty. n. pl. un·cer·tain·ties 1. The condition of being uncertain...
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uncertainty meaning, definition, what is uncertainty: when you feel doubt about what will happ...
Uncertainty is everywhere and you cannot escape from it. Vagueness or ambiguity are sometimes described as "second order uncertainty," where there is uncertainty even about the definitions of...
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Estimating the Uncertainty in Measurements. Before you combine or do anything with your uncertainty, you have to determine the uncertainty in your original measurement.
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Uncertainty definition: Uncertainty is a state of doubt about the future or about what is the right thing to do. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Uncertainty BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] In neoclassical theory, markets are portrayed as stable economic systems, with changes in variables having their desired effects...
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Uncertainty refers to epistemic situations involving imperfect or unknown information. It applies to predictions of future events, to physical measurements that are already made, or to the unknown.
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Uncertainty definition, the state of being uncertain; doubt; hesitancy: His noun, plural un·cer·tain·ties for 2. the state of being uncertain; doubt; hesitancy: His uncertainty gave impetus to his inquiry.
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What does uncertainty mean? Something uncertain. (noun) The uncertainties of modern life. Uncertainty meaning. ŭn-sûr'tn-tē. Filters (0). Something uncertain.
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What is Uncertainty? Uncertainty simply means the lack of certainty or sureness of an event. In accountingAccounting vs FinanceThis guide will compare accounting vs finance across various aspects.
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Uncertainty : n. believing that a future and/or past subset(s) has less than a 100 Call it a fear of uncertainty or a desire for certainty. They both can lead to purposeful behavior designed to achieve a...
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Uncertainty refers to epistemic situations involving imperfect or unknown information. It applies to predictions of future events, to physical measurements that are already made, or to the unknown. Uncertainty arises in partially observable and/or stochastic environments, as well as due to ignorance...
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перевод и определение "uncertainty", английский-тагалог Словарь онлайн. While the world is filled with uncertainty, there need not be uncertainty in your heart and mind about what is true and...