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In computer programming, undefined behavior (UB) is the result of executing a program whose behavior is prescribed to be unpredictable, in the language specification to which the computer code adheres.
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Conditional execution statements. Iteration statements (loops). Jump statements. Functions. Function declaration. Lambda function declaration. inline specifier. Exception specifications (until C++20). noexcept specifier (C++11). Exceptions. Namespaces. Types. Specifiers. Storage duration specifiers.
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Undefined behavior is one of those aspects of the C and C++ language that can be surprising to programmers coming from other languages (other languages try to hide it better).
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Advantages of Undefined Behavior C and C++ have undefined behaviors because it allows compilers to avoid lots of checks. Suppose a set of code with greater performing array need not keep...
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Undefined behavior is a term used in the C standard. NOTE Possible undefined behavior ranges from ignoring the situation completely with unpredictable results, to behaving during translation or...
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Undefined behavior (often abbreviated UB) is the result of executing code whose behavior is not well defined by the C++ language. In this case, the C++ language doesn't have any rules determining what...
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#1 undefined behavior: behavior, upon use of a nonportable or erroneous program construct or of erroneous data, for which this International Standard imposes no requirements.
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A study of undefined behavior on various platforms, compilers, and tools.
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Other undefined behaviors, such as trying to get a value from a pointer that hasn't been assigned One way to spot undefined behavior is comparing the program running when compiled in debug...
Undefined behavior
In computer programming, undefined behavior is a feature of some programming languages—most famously C.[1] In these languages, to simplify the specification and allow some flexibility in...
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"Undefined behavior" means "all bets are off", and you can no longer depend on the code to do what you would normally think it would do... Regards, Ray L. I have removed the warning, by disabling...
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Some people think that undefined behavior is caused only by gross errors (accessing outside the bounds of the array, for instance) or inadequate constructions (i = i++ + ++i, for example).
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In many languages, when you are unsure of a particular detail of the language, you can often "just run it" and see what happens. This might work in another language...
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Undefined behaviour occurs when a program breaks the rules of the language in a way that is not detected until runtime. It affects the entire program.
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Undefined behavior — In computer programming, undefined behavior is a feature of some programming languages most famously C.[1] In these languages, to simplify the specification and...
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The original purpose of undefined behavior was for implementation flexibility. In other words, it's slack that allows a compiler to produce appropriate and efficient code for its target platform.
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40 Comments on Undefined Behavior in 2017. This post is jointly authored by Pascal Cuoq and John Regehr. Recently we've heard a few people imply that problems stemming from undefined behaviors...
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If you experience a Heisenbug, think about undefined behavior in your program. Undefined behavior is almost always caused by a defect. In particular, consider the following
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Common undefined behaviours in C++ programming. Awkward behaviour of delete operator on arrays in JavaScript. JavaScript undefined Property.
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Finding undefined behaviour in C for embedded system. I just started at a small company and there is a hot-needle-built software for micro controllers written in C which we are now starting to clean up to...
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Undefined behavior in programming languages can introduce difficult to diagnose bugs and even lead to security vulnerabilities in your App. Learn more about undefined behavior...
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Undefined behaviour is happening not because C is violating precedence rule. Precedence (and associativity which is used when precedence of operators are same) rule is used to specify the...
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Undefined Behavior occurs when running code whose behavior is not described by the programming language specification. Languages like C and C++ have quite a lot of undefined behavior to allow compilers the opportunity to generate efficient code for different architectures.
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Undefined behavior. Although C++ is a low-level language, the abstract machine is surprisingly strict about which pointers may be formed and how they can be used.
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The union trick is also not valid, because only one member of a union can be "active". When we set f it becomes active and i is thus inactive. Reading from an inactive member results in undefined behavior.
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It contains undefined behavior, which the standard also says makes the program erroneous. Therefore, the standard imposes no requirements on what the behavior should be.