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User scripts put you in control of your browsing experience. Once installed, they automatically make the The user scripts on Greasy Fork were written by other users and posted to share with the world.
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Download userscripts to enhance your browser. Youtube Downloader: all in one script to get Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion videos for free.
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A userscript (or user script) is a program, usually written in JavaScript, for modifying web pages to augment browsing. On desktop browsers such as Firefox, they are enabled by use of a userscript manager browser extension such as Greasemonkey.
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Host and Organize User Scripts. Do you build custom user scripts for your own browser so you can have your websites look the way you want them to look, or perhaps you want to add functionality that...
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Tweak Your Web Browsing - Useful Downloadable User Scripts.
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Not every user script may need to consume all of the custom API methods. You can, therefore, include details of the APIs needed in scriptMetadata when running userScripts.register.
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Many scripts. It is very easy to find matching userscripts. Only user scripts from moderated userscript pages or at least pages with a comment function are displayed.
Applying JavaScript: User Scripts
Userscripts (a.k.a User Scripts, User scripts, or .user.js) are open-source licensed add-ons for web browsers that change web pages as they are loaded. They give users the power to make websites do...
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The preferred way to specify the pages that a user script should run against in Chromium is the Because of this, Chrome just tells users that these scripts will run on all domains, which is...
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adding script in greasemonkey (firefox ) .mp4 (Март 2021). Table of Contents: Установка и использование Greasemonkey.
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The Top 14 Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey User Scripts
Here are some of the best user scripts for the popular Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey browser extensions used to tweak website appearance and behavior.
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Greasemonkey - Use one user scripts from other user scripts (as a js library). unsafeWindow API was made so that userscripts could interact with the variables and functions of the pages the script...
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User scripts and user styles are supposed to be written by end-users (we, the ones using the browser) to customize the functionality or the look-and-feel of websites (that we visit).
What is a user script
A "user script" or "userscript" is a program stored as plain text in a single file, usually written in JavaScript. Similar to add-ons, extensions, and bookmarklets, they can modify web pages and add...
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Jump to navigationJump to search. Created by the maintainer of HTTPS is available and enforced by default. Open source, hosted on GitHub. "The home of FOSS user scripts." Only HTTPS is available.
A place for discussion of all things related to userscripts.
userscripts. join leave1,791 readers. 5 users here now. [Question]is it possible to enable and disable add-ons using user-scripts in the Firefox browser( version 78) (self.userscripts).
User scripts that add features and remove bugs on the sites you use
[HV]AutoAttack JS - HV auto attack script, for the first user, should configure before use it. Script to switch recommended works on pixiv to show only R-18 works JS - allows you to display only R-18...
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Danbooru FOF (install): User script that slightly fades out your favourites. DtextStyle: Adds controls to the top of the textbox that assists with the DText style markup Danbooru uses.
The Utility of User Scripts (JS) and User Styles (CSS)
User scripts and user styles are supposed to be written by end-users (we, the ones using the browser) to customise the functionality or the look-and-feel of websites they visit.