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The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is a computer networking protocol that provides for automatic assignment of available Internet Protocol (IP) routers to participating hosts. This increases the availability and reliability of routing paths via automatic default gateway selections on an IP...
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This chapter describes the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) support in RouterOS. Mostly on larger LANs dynamic routing protocols ( OSPF or RIP) are used, however there are number of factors that may make undesirable to use dynamic routing protocols. One alternative is to use static...
VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol)
VRRP is very similar to HSRP; if you understood HSRP you'll have no trouble with VRRP which is a standard protocol defined by the IETF in RFC 3768. Configuration-wise it's pretty much the same but there are a couple of differences. Let's start with an overview
RFC 3768 - Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
VRRP specifies an election protocol that dynamically assigns responsibility for a virtual router to one of the VRRP routers on a LAN. The VRRP router controlling the IP address(es) associated with a virtual router is called the Master, and forwards packets sent to these IP addresses.
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VRRP¶. VRRP stands for Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. This protocol is used to allow multiple backup routers on the same segment to take over operation of each others' IP addresses if the primary router fails. This is typically used to provide fault-tolerant gateways to hosts on the segment.
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VRRP enables hosts on a LAN to make use of redundant routing platforms on that LAN without requiring more than the static configuration of a single default route on the hosts. play_arrow Configuring Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP).
VRRP is used to create various redundancy solutions, including: Pairs of local Aruba controllers acting in an active-active mode or a hot-standby mode. If VRRP preemption is enabled and all controllers share the same priority, the controller with the highest IP address becomes the master.
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VRRP is an open standard protocol, which is used to provide redundancy in a network. It is a network layer protocol (protocol number-112). The number of routers (group members) in a group acts as a virtual logical router which will be the default gateway of all the local hosts.
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Virtual router A virtual router realized by the VRRP protocol. In an environment running VRRP, specify this virtual router as the default gateway. Backup router A router that becomes a backup for Master router from multiple VRRP routers playing the role of a virtual router when the master falls.
VRRP, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
The VRRP router controlling the IP address(es) associated with a virtual router is called the Master, and forwards packets sent to these IP addresses. The election process provides dynamic fail-over in the forwarding responsibility should the Master become unavailable.
The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) for IPv4 is defined in the IETF RFC 3768, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. VRRP for IPv6 is specified in draft-ietf-vrrp-unified-spec-02.txt. VRRP describes a method of implementing a redundant IP interface shared between two or more routers on...
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What is Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol VRRP? VRRP offers the same benefits of HSRP, VRRP operates similar to HSRP by electing an active router called the Master among a group of routers that stores a configured virtual IP and MAC address.
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The VRRP authentication feature will protect the VRRP hello messages with a plain-text password or AH (Authentication Header) encryption. VRRP preemption is enabled by default. To modify the preemption, run the following commands: configure set interfaces ethernet eth1 vrrp vrrp-group...
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Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is a standard-based protocol [RFC 5798] for gateway redundancy. When you enable VRRP on interface router goes from Init to Backup state. In Backup state a router sends and listens to VRRP Advertisement messages from other routers.