What is VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes? | vVols | VMware
What is Virtual Volumes (vVols)? vVols is an integration and management framework that virtualizes SAN/NAS arrays, enabling a more efficient operational model that is optimized for virtualized...
VMware VVOLs vs vSAN - Complete Comparison - vembu
VMware vVOLs and vSAN - Overview, Similarities, and Differences. VMware Virtual Volumes (vVOLs) are an advancement of the more traditional storage architecture that you are used to with a...
Web Guide: Implementing vSphere Virtual Volumes with FlashArray
The FlashArray Implementation of vVol Datastores. Using the Plugin to Mount vVol Datastore Mounting vVol Datastores Manually: FlashArray Actions
What is vVol and How Does That Work| DiskInternals
what is vVol what are VMware virtual volume components What is vVol? VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) is a framework technology that is...
VVols workflow | Dell Technologies US
VVols workflow. Create a traditional pool in physical deployments. Virtual Volumes (VVols) are a VMware object type that corresponds to a Virtual Machine (VM) disk, and its snapshots and fast-clones.
Virtual Volumes (VVols) in Large Environments: Pros & Cons
VVols provide storage administrators with the ability to set performance standards on a per VM basis. Essentially eliminating the concept that storage is a single unit, but rather disparate.
How To Create VMware Virtual Volumes -- Virtualization Review
VVOLs, as they're known, could revolutionize your datacenter. Virtual Volumes Mechanics VVOLs allow a layer of abstraction and control between the hypervisor and storage.
vSphere 6.0 New Features - What is VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols)?
VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) is one the new feature addition with vSphere 6.0. VMware Virtual volumes are encapsulations of virtual machine files, virtual disks, and their derivatives.
VMware VVol Testing with Dell EMC Unity VSA - Virtualization Howto
VMware Virtual Volumes or VVOLs are quite a bit different than what we are used to with traditional storage array LUNs and VMFS formatted datastores. The technical definition given from VMware is...
Comparing VVols to VMDKs and RDMs - Cody Hosterman
When VVols are created, they are presented through the PE as a sub lun (the PE is LUN 255 and With VVols, each object is a volume, so the array doesn't need 1000's of command to be told what to...
Virtual Volumes (VVols) vs Traditional Storage | SolidFire | Blog
VVols create and manipulate VMs (and the virtual disks associated with them) as individual objects. Because VMware administrators still need to do some operations at a datastore level, VVols...
Howto: Replication & DR with VMware vVols (Virtual Volumes)...
vVols are successfully being replicated to the DR array . So there we have it! End to end Nimble replication, vVol provisioning, Storage Policy designation and VM creation in the space of about 60...
vSphere 6, VVOLs and 3PAR - d8taDude
The VVOLs created on the 3PAR have a one to one relationship with the disks created in the VM, so These VMDK VVOL's are called data VVOLs. On top of this you also have Config, MEM, Other, and...
What Is Dell EMC PowerStore - Part 4, vVols | Itzikr's Blog
vVols is an integration and management framework that virtualizes SAN/NAS arrays, enabling a Storage systems enable data services on vVols. The results of these data services are newer vVols.
Enter VVOLs
VVOLs allow policy-based metrics to be applied to storage for an individual virtual machine rather than at the VVOLs-enabled deployments will, it is claimed, simplify operational tasks, improve resource...
What's New in VMware vSphere 6.0: Virtual Volumes (VVOLs)
Recently, Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) are often on speakers, bloggers's lips. So I decided to write this post which covers some Virtual Volumes features and answers for the following questions...
vvol inaccessible vsphere 6.0 - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community
vvol inaccessible vsphere 6.0. I am finally attempting to test out VVols, running vSphere 6.0u3. I have configured the array side with the proper folder and setup for VASA, etc.
NetApp and VMware: vVols Tech Preview - DatacenterDude
How vVols enable tight integration of NetApp magic into vSphere, such as offloading Snapshots and clones to the storage controller(s) via DataONTAP. What do you think about this concept of vVol's?