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reported clause — reported clauses N COUNT A reported clause is a subordinate clause that indicates what someone said or thought. For example, in She said that she was hungry , she was...
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It was reported that over three thousand people attended this June rally for Baldwin. The story was reported by a French merchant Couturier, who had traveled in the company of Sinclair.
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was reported.
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Reported speech, maybe when you study it in your class, the teacher or whoever, will call it indirect Reported speech or indirect speech is usually only used for writing. So, we don't really have to worry...
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Since 6 November 1987/ he was reported to have been detained in the prison of Pilze-Plazen-Bory, where he was severely beaten and kept in solitary confinement.
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If your content was reported, it will only be removed if it If its your own Account Facebook would Notify you on the Post that was Reported and Deleted if its someone Else's Account there is no way...
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Reported Speech. Pattern 1 — Verb + that-clause. Verb + [that]. agree. соглашаться. "Ok, I was wrong." He agreed that he had been wrong. claim.
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Define reported. reported synonyms, reported pronunciation, reported translation, English dictionary definition of reported - made known or told about; especially presented in a formal account; "his...