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...whichever is earlier, provided that no complaint may be submitted after the entry into force of the. and 10,911 families displaced from earlier conflicts were provided with durable housing solutions.
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That was earlier provided. 3,040 results on the web. These earlier systems provided a centralized office with the geographic location of vehicle fleets and were a great deterrent to vehicular theft.
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Immediately before slugs were introduced, the drip irrigation system was removed as it could have Farming, fishing, and (for a time early in the 1900s) the timber industry have provided the primary...
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Why Early Intervention is Important. Earlier is better! Intervention is likely to be more effective when it is provided earlier in life rather than later.1.
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Is the application responsible for providing a way to remove it? Or is Windows responsible for that? I tried uninstalling my app and re-installing, but I no longer get prompted for giving consent to the app...
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Tomorrow, would you be able to arrive a little earlier, at 5:30, to help me set up the sound system I would use early if I am talking of the usual time I do something, or I am talking of the expected time...
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... I were you, I'd listen to your mum, she is right. She came home earlier ... she would have more time to finish the project.
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In the early years, there were power struggles among the larger national unions. Leaders recognized that there was power in numbers. After the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947
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If the result from your test is inconclusive you must continue to quarantine. You can choose to take another privately provided test to find out if you can stop quarantine early.
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There are some early hints that certain vaccines might be able to reduce transmission, even if they can't eliminate it entirely. One way it might do this is by reducing the number of viral particles in...
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"We are closely reviewing reports but given the large number of doses administered, and the frequency at which blood clots can occur naturally, the evidence available does not suggest the vaccine is the...
"Provided" Is More Formal Than "Providing"
The terms "provided that" and "providing that" are interchangeable when used to mean "on condition that." However, "provided that" is strongly preferred over "providing that" in the US and the UK.
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2.5. The parties are entitled to agree on other forms of settlements provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.