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('With a Little Help from my Friends', by Lennon/McCartney, song from the album by The Beatles: 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' (C) 1967 Northern Songs.) 'WITH' for sure. 'I get BY BY a little help…', as well as being horribly repetitious and not exactly mellifluous to the average ear, is simply...
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The Kid with the Broken Halo — is a 1982 made for television movie starring Gary Coleman, Robert Guillaume, June Allyson, Mason Adams and Ray Walston about a wise cracking angel in training (Coleman) who needs constant help from his frustrated heavenly teacher.
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With the help of the international community, 3,800 girls and boys had been removed [...] Between 2010 and 2011, 35 victims of human trafficking received free legal aid with the help of the Interdepartmental Commission on Combating Human Trafficking and IOM, 7 benefited [...]
Is there any difference between "by means of" and "with the help of"?
"With the help of" is more often used to refer to a source of assistance. But saying you finished the same report "with the help of Jerry" is perfectly natural and clear. I can't immediately think of a similar example for the converse, so you should be able to go with the rule of thumb that "by means of" is a...
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WITH THE HELP OF — с помощью Большой Англо-Русский словарь. WITH Longman DOCE5 Extras English vocabulary. HELP — I. ˈhelp; Southern often ˈhep also ˈheəp verb Etymology: Middle English, from Old English helpan; akin to Old High German …
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I was told, it's "with a person's help" and "with the help of a thing", but I can't make sure if they were correct. "With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly." Thank you.
Originally uploaded on February 4, 2009 After watching Devil May Cry: The Stupid Files, some of Kajetokun's videos(the guy that created the over 9000 parody)...
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Definition of help with in the Idioms Dictionary. help with phrase. What does help with expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Any chance you can help your brother with his math homework tonight? Your mother helped me with the baby so I could finally get some sleep.
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with the help of somebody, with somebody's help con la ayuda de alguien. to be beyond help no tener remedio. So help me God, I never thought I'd be in this room again he concluded his oath of office with the words `so help me God" I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so...
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VERB + HELP appeal for, ask for, beg for, call for, scream for, seek, send for, shout for, summon Police are appealing for help in catching the killers. I opened the window and called for help. | bring, enlist, fetch, find, get He enlisted the help of a private detective in his search for the truth.
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They will all help with anxiety. This certainly helps with scale. Read them each carefully to learn the best strategies to help with buying real estate. It also kind of helps with stuff like the 11th Doctor talking about his pet name for the TARDIS when they're alone.
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With the help of • Sayesinde • By means of • With the aid of • Help • Marifetiyle • With the back of the hand • Suretiyle • With • With the best. English: She gets about with the help of a walker. Turkish: O bir yürüteç yardımıyla yürümektedir.