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WP Super Cache has its own plugin system. This code is loaded when WP Super Cache loads and Go to the Settings->WP Super Cache page and disable it there. The plugin does not work very well...
GitHub - Automattic/wp-super-cache: A very fast caching engine for...
# WP Super Cache # * Contributors: donncha, automattic * Tags: performance, caching, wp-cache 3. WP-Cache caching. This is mainly used to cache pages for known users, URLs with parameters...
How to Install and Setup WP Super Cache for Beginners
Enable Compression in WP Super Cache: Compression allows WP Super Cache to serve cached files as compressed files. These files are downloaded by user browsers quickly due to their smaller size.
The Ideal WP Super Cache Settings + CDN Instructions (2021)
WP Super Cache is a solid cache plugin (if you're going the free route). Otherwise WP Rocket was rated #1 in 7 Facebook polls and is what I use (I have a set up guide for WP Rocket as well).
How to Install & Setup WordPress Caching with WP Super Cache
Now that WP Super Cache is properly configured, let us test the cache. Head over to the default tab, i.e. Easy settings tab in WP Super Cache and click on the "Test Cache" button.