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In computer networking, xinetd (Extended Internet Service Daemon) is an open-source super-server daemon, runs on many Unix-like systems and manages Internet-based connectivity. It offers a more secure alternative to the older inetd ("the Internet daemon"...
GitHub - xinetd-org/xinetd: xinetd is a secure replacement for inetd
Contribute to xinetd-org/xinetd development by creating an account on GitHub.
xinetd(8): extended Internet services daemon - Linux man page
xinetd performs the same function as inetd: it starts programs that provide Internet services. xinetd(8) - Linux man page. Name. xinetd - the extended Internet services daemon.
xinetd Configuration Files
The /etc/xinetd.conf file contains general configuration settings which effect every service under It is read once when the xinetd service is started, so for configuration changes to take effect, the...
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Xinetd is a guardian that manages access to your computer from the internet. It is a daemon that runs all the time and listens on all of the ports for connection or service requests.
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/etc/xinetd.conf - The global xinetd configuration file. The xinetd daemon is a TCP wrapped super service which controls access to a subset of popular network services including FTP, IMAP, and Telnet.
Установка xinetd в Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian
Как установить xinetd в Ubuntu / Debian. Установка sudo apt install xinetd. Помощь.
Working with inetd and xinetd, the Internet "super server" - IBM...
You can configure xinetd completely in /etc/xinetd.conf. However, by convention, it's typical to provide defaults in the file and For example, this is the xinetd configuration installed from scratch on Ubuntu
Howto: configure xinetd service under Linux or UNIX systems - nixCraft
A. xinetd, the eXtended InterNET Daemon, is an open-source daemon which runs on many Linux and Unix xinetd performs the same function as inetd: it starts programs that provide Internet services.
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xinetd server return value is not readable [closed]. I have enabled all xinetd services and I am calling it from the c program. Everything works fine but when I call the time service, it returns 4 bytes value that...
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Download xinetd linux packages for AlmaLinux, ALT Linux, Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, KaOS, Mageia, OpenMandriva, openSUSE, OpenWrt, PCLinuxOS, Slackware, Ubuntu.
Socket activation with inetd/xinetd — uWSGI 2.0 documentation
Socket activation with inetd/xinetd¶. Inetd and Xinetd are two daemons used to start network processes on demand. You can use this in uWSGI too. Inetd¶.