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The Xms flag has no default value, and Xmx typically has a default value of 256 MB. A common use for these flags is when you encounter a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. When using these settings, keep in...
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2 Extended Memory Specification (XMS). The Extended Memory Specification (XMS) is the specification describing the use of IBM PC extended memory in real mode for storing data (but not for...
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XMS .NET Features XMS .NET is a programming API available in C# (and other languages supported by the .NET Framework) that provides simple and consistent access to IBM messaging servers.
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What is xmx and xms? xmx and xms are JVM, Java Virtual Machine, command-line options/flags that are used by programmers to manipulate the heap size used by JVM.
X Command-line Options
The -Xms option sets the initial and minimum Java heap size. The Java heap (the "heap") is the part of the memory where blocks of memory are allocated to objects and freed during garbage collection.
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Java memory FAQ: How do I control the amount of memory my Java program uses (i.e., Java RAM usage)?The short answerThe short answer is that you use these...
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1. Some java -Xms -Xmx examples for the young generation (nursery) -Xms<size> set initial Java heap size -Xmx<size> set maximum Java heap size -Xnoclassgc disable class garbage collection -Xrs...
How to control Java heap size (memory) allocation (xmx, xms)
-Xms64m or -Xms64M -Xmx1g or -Xmx1G. See the rest of this article for more details. Also see my Java heap and stack definitions if you're not comfortable with those terms.
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The XMS Wiki is the online user-supported help database for XMS software developed by Aquaveo LLC. These three packages are collectively referred to as "XMS".
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Xms specifies the minimum heap size available to an application. These are Java Virtual Machine (JVM) parameters that are used to specify memory boundaries for Java applications.
Xms / -Xmx
If you set -Xms > -Xmx, the OpenJ9 VM fails with the message -Xms too large for -Xmx. If you set a value for -Xms, the -XX:InitialRAMPercentage option is ignored.
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