Yandex.DNS, üç güvenlik seviyesi olan ücretsiz bir DNS servisidir. Virüs ve internet sahtekarlığına karşı korunmayı ve çocuklar için yetişkin sitelere girişin engellenmesini etkinleştirebilirsiniz.
Welcome to the Yandex.DNS support service - Yandex.DNS. Help
If you have any questions about how the service works, if you've noticed an error, or if you think a site has been assigned to the wrong category, then please contact the Yandex.DNS support service and...
Yandex DNS Review: Faster, More Secure Internet with Controls
Secure: Since Yandex DNS offers secure DNS servers under a different group, I assume that the above (BASIC) DNS servers are used just for resolution and do not check if the website is malicious.
Protect: secure DNS requests. Reference information
DNS hijacking risks. DNSCrypt technology in Yandex Browser. Enabling encryption of DNS requests. DNS hijacking risks. To access an internet site, you need to know its IP address.
A first look at Yandex.DNS - gHacks Tech News
Yandex.DNS is a DNS service by Russia's most popular search engine Yandex. The service offers three different modes (configurations) that users need to pick one from