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...zen.yandex.ru/realtalking Екатерина Белкина, автор канала «Свинкины финансы» https://zen.yandex.ru/svinka Руслан Кирничанский, автор канала «Дневник архитектора» https...
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Yandex Zen is a personal recommendation service. Postings can either get posted automatically in recommendation feeds from the author's site, or an author can create content directly in Yandex Zen.
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Yandex Zen gradually adapts the feed to your interests. It analyzes your interaction with the feed (subscriptions, ratings, blocks), search queries, browser history, and other data about your online...
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Yandex Zen (Russian: Я́ндекс.Дзен) is a personal recommendations service created by Yandex that uses machine learning technology. Zen creates a feed of content that automatically adjusts to the interests of a user.
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